“It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.”


I tried. (to write)

They say things fall apart so that better things come together.

 I am gripped by this sudden distaste for everyone in the vicinity. What I really want is some creamy mushroom pasta.

I miss, missing people. I miss, not missing people.

Narcopolis got shortlisted for the Booker, that makes me incredibly happy.

Also I discovered cookies and cream milk flavouring straws. That made me happy too.

Someone makes me smile, often wistfully. 

I think of the time to come, the writing on the wall, and I wonder how I got through it all.

I thank God for everything. Apart from the Tuesday mess dinner in College.

A whatsapp message makes me smile, I thank the Universe for Bombay, 2011.

I’m craving eggs now.

This post doesn’t make sense but it makes me realize Life is good.

Life is Good. 

Also, I can’t decide if Bogart made a better Rick Blaine or Sam Spade.